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2017 Challenge: Review 52 Children’s Books by Asian Authors

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I was determined to read to L1 as early as possible, starting from before she was born. I first started reading to her while she was still in my tummy at five months. Her first book was a collection of Korean folktales by a Korean author. And after she was born, I read her baby book after baby book to help grow her love for reading.

It wasn’t until our visit to the Philippines almost a year later when I started buying more Filipino books for my daughter. There aren’t many baby books for toddlers back home, and so I ended up buying books more fit for pre-schoolers or kindergarteners. Many of these books were written in two languages, and fascinatingly she would ask me to read to her in Tagalog sometimes. That’s when the idea of buying more books from my countries came to me.

Today, we have children’s books (in English) from Malaysia, the Philippines, China and even Korea. I’ve shared a few of them here already before, but I’d like to share more in the future.

Buy Local Books too
Ten Reasons To Read Local To Your Kids

There’s a yearly challenge called 52 Books in 52 Weeks, which is basically a challenge for everyone to read one book a week per year. Sadly, I don’t have much time to read the novels that I wish I had more time to read, so instead I want to do this project.

This project is especially close to my heart since the books I plan to share are books I read to my daughters quite often anyway. In fact, my elder daughter can even memorize some of the books by heart and my younger one likes to flip the pages of the book and babble away. Not only that, these are books I can honestly connect with since they are stories from our countries. Some of the awkward English phrases, directly translated from Tagalog, make sense to me but probably wouldn’t make sense to an outsider. These books are a great way to introduce her to our culture without paying for airfare.

And so I plan to share one or two children’s book every Sunday (though the third Sunday of every month will be a Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop post feature.) As of now, my scheduled books are written by Malaysians, Koreans, Filipinos and overseas-based Chinese. I have at least twenty books now and am looking forward to getting and sharing more.

So join me from this Sunday forth as I share some children’s stories written by Asian authors. This photo below will give you an idea of what to expect. I will link all of the posts I share back to this post, so make sure to bookmark this or pin my photo below if you would like to stay updated!

Fingers crossed. Hope I’m able to do this! 加油!화이팅!

multicultural books


1. Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas
2. Do Noses Grow Long When Lies are Told?
3. My Mother’s Kitchen
4. Atuk’s Amazing Sarong


1. Mouse Wedding 1: Finding a Groom
2. Mouse Wedding 2: Groom Found!

3. The Butterfly Lovers
4. 小金鱼儿 (The Little Goldfish)
5. 水牛儿 (The Way Home from School)
6. 跟着姥姥去遛弯儿 (Feast of the Treats for the High Summer Days)
7. 铁门胡同 (The Irongate Alleyway)


1. Si Dudong, ang Bago Kong Kaklase (Dudong, my new Classmate)
3. Superhero Nio
4. Superwoman si Inay (My Mom is a Superwoman)
5. Ang Sabi ni Nanay, ang Sabi ni Tatay (Mom Says, Dad Says)
6. Ang Kayanaman ni Inay (My Mother’s Treasure)
7. Nina Wonders, Nina Asks
8. Yaya Niya, Nanay Ko
9. Tuwing Sabado (Every Saturday)
10. Run, Dad, Run!
11. Arroz Caldo ni Lolo Waldo (Grandpa Waldo’s Porridge/Rice Broth)
12. Mang Andoy’s Signs (Mister Andoy’s Signs)
13. Ang Mga Lambing ni Lolo Ding (Grandpa Ding’s Endearments)
14. Ang Dalawang Haring Siga (The Two Macho Kings)

15. Mommy Loves You Just the Same
16. Ibong Adarna
17. Labindalawang Masasayang Prinsesa (Twelve Merry Princesses)


1. The Last Kappa of Old Japan


Look Who’s Walking: A Bilingual English-Thai Book for Early Toddlers!
2. Naughty Monkey and the Bird’s Eggs


1. The Great Dragon Warrior


1. The Little Duckling


  1. What a wonderful challenge!
    It´s so important to read a lot, I really am sure this will help your girls in their literacy development.

    Wish I could read this much. A few years back I was able to read about 25 books in a year.

  2. Great challenge! As an avid reader who reads more then 52 books a year I’ve actually never liked that vague “52 books a year” challenge. It’s too overwhelming for people I think. Having a more specific challenge, or for a special meaning makes it so much more doable. Good luck with it!

  3. I LOVE the content of this book: Ang Sabi ni Nanay, Ang Sabi ni Tatay (Mom Says, Dad Says), I feel children’s books have come such a long way in some cases and it’s great to see options that don’t euqate girls with dolls and dresses and boys with cars and pants! Go, 2017! 😀

    1. Yes, I totally agree to that! I think that it’s about time people are seen for who they are instead of being fit into a stereotype. And yes, children’s books have definitely come a long way! 😀

    1. Hi Josh!
      Thanks! I’m enjoying it so far, although I’m a bit behind!
      When we travel, I head to the local bookstore (or ask a friend in that country to help me bring over) children’s books that teach a bit about culture. So it’s quite random, actually, but it’s also because I haven’t really found many blogs reviewing children’s literature in the countries I come from! 🙁
      I hope to find more in the future, though!

  4. Whoah, that sure is a big challenge. I wish you good luck on reviewing all those books and I’ll surely stay tuned to read each of book you review. I hope to be able to get a good book referred by you then. since I am a mom, I surely can relate of getting children’s book. 😀

  5. Wow! I heard that reading to your child even inside the tummy is very good. I like that idea. Pag nagka baby na ko I’ll try that challenge! Mabuti din that we share stories and widen their vocabulary as early as a kid.

  6. As a book blogger I think this is an absolutely fantastic idea. When I have kids of my own I will be trying to get them to read as much as possible and I think it’s so nice that you started reading to your daughter before she was born. You’ve chosen a great range of books and I hope they’re worth reading!

  7. I am always guilty of taking reading for granted. For years ive been hoarding books that i love to read and ended up not reading it. This year one of my resolutions was to read more. So i kept a number of books on my table so that everyday i will be reminded to read. And my current book is always in my bag so i can move from one pages to another if im travelling or killing time somewhere. You are inspiring and knowing these are kids books, wow thats more interesting! Goodluck on your challenge! 🙂

  8. It sounds very challenging! You should prepare yourself and make room to your everyday schedule in order to pull it through! I wish you have strength for this period, and I am sure the outcome will be great for you!

  9. Wow, this is just too much to absorb and I truly salute you for coming up with this challenge. I’m sure it’ll be exciting on your part as well. I know that there will a lot of people of who will rely from your book review. You’re just so amazing with this idea.

  10. I’m not much of a reader myself. But given as a challenge I guess I might be able to read and process 52 books in a year. I guess it would be fun to go by reading children’s book… isn’t it?

  11. You hoarder. No wonder prices of books here suddenly spiked, it’s because you bought them all. Kidding aside, it’s a good challenge. So, are you going to do this like reading and writing a bunch and make scheduled postings? It’s more practical, isn’t it?

    1. Haha! Oh I hope to see more people support our local books! 🙂
      Yes, that’s the plan! That’d be easier, I think! I plan to publish them every Sunday. That way people have an idea when to expect it. 🙂

      1. hunluh. Robert, stop with the accusations. 😀 hahahaha JK. Anyways Jackie, I support you on your brave venture to challenge yourself with reading 52 children’s books by asian authors in a year. It’s a great way to show support, and although I know I can’t really buy that much books in a year(because priorities are high and money is scarce on my end), I would love to still try this challenge out, at least to write about the children’s book whenever it is by an asian author. 😀

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