2018, So Far You’re Freaking Me Out (and some homeschooling/Beijing-schooling updates)

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Dear 2018,

More than a month before you had finally arrived, I honestly thought I was prepared.

First, we took L1 out of school (with her knowledge and approval, of course) to “Beijing-school” after being inspired by some worldschooling friends. The idea is to basically sort of homeschool while exploring Beijing places at least once a week. (L1 is really excited to see snow next week. She’s already talking about snowball fights.)

Second, I was planning to spend more time with both her (as much as L2) but have afternoon breaks with the help of our super all-around helper. That’s in bold for a reason; we’ll get back to that in a bit.

Third, I was planning to enroll L1 in extracurricular classes that she told me she was interested in.

But instead, here’s what has transpired.

Despite starting off the year the best way possible (which is my nuclear family happily celebrating Christmas and New Year with extended family), several issues came up within our first week in Beijing.

First, our Ayi, or that super amazing helper I was just talking about earlier, is leaving us in a month.

While my hubby is at work, she communicates with my kids in Korean. Thanks to her, they have not forgotten their country’s language. Not just that, she’s just been an amazing friend and all-around helper. She is now moving on to greener pastures. While we are happy for her, we are of course saddened by our near future without her care. (I’m also really worried, too.)

This means goodbye daydreamed breaks, that we have to start looking for a new helper (either that or I do everything by myself while homeschooling), and that the promised weekly excursions will be a bit trickier considering I’m about to take my two kids exploring on my own from now on.

Fortunately, my hubby still trusts my decision. Not just that, L1 is quite excited. I mean, she stayed up late insisting she help me work on this:

The part in polka dots are birthdays 🙂

Ironically, one of the reasons I wanted to bring L1 out of school was because I wanted her to become more spontaneous and to be more flexible and not get stressed when things don’t necessarily go to plan.

Haha, 2018 you obviously had other plans in store for me.

Keeping as Calm as Possible,

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