7 Tips for an Asian Holiday to Remember

7 tips to ensure an Asia holiday to remember (Guest Post)

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Coming to our part of the world anytime soon? For those traveling to Asia, here are some tips from Zoho on how to have a memorable Asian holiday!


If you want to experience a unique getaway whilst also gaining bragging rights over all of your friends, Asia’s the place to be. Spanning from the Southeast tropics of Malaysia and Indonesia to the culture-heavy Japan in the East, there’s so much to see and do when travelling the continent that you’re going to need some guidance. Here are 7 tips to help you get the most out of your Asian travels.

Pack light to pack big

The hot climate of the Southeast region is shared by multiple countries and you’re also not going to want to be lugging too much around if jumping from place to place, so pack light – the bare essentials are pretty much all you’ll need. And, if you’re leaving enough room in your case, you’ll be able to bring back some of the treasures and gifts you find along the way! Of course, that’s not to say parts of Asia don’t have a cooler climate – especially South Korea, China and Japan – where winter weather does come around. That being said, just make sure to pack suitably for your adventure, whatever it may be.

Choose destinations that offer an adventure

Sure, you’re going to want to lay back and relax at some points when in Asia. And that’s always possible – an abundance of lush beaches and secluded hotspots await you in every country – but make sure you’re going to visit places that offer some excitement alongside this, especially when travelling with kids. You don’t want the little ones getting bored after all – so make sure there’s something to keep them occupied, as pointed out by this Kids Travel Guide. Consider going caving, snorkelling or hiking – they’re all spectacular in Asia, and are an easy way to maintain your health and fitness at the same time.

Take time to learn the history

It’s always valuable to take in all the historical value of your destinations. Museums, ancient relics and traditional ceremonies are all present throughout Asia, and offer incredibly varying experiences every time. You’ll find that the way towns and cities are today are down to their cultural roots and past events, and so if you’re willing to brush up on your knowledge and understand the history of a country, you’ll be better off. Don’t hesitate to talk to locals, too – they’re better than any other source!

Visit all the landmarks

They’re popular for a reason. Don’t skip on seeing the most popular tourist hotspots in favour of a quieter holiday! Although they’re busier and perhaps pricier, they’re guaranteed to be must-sees. India’s Taj Mahal, Jordan’s Petra(as advised by On The Luce) and, of course, China’s Great Wall are all very different but equally as spectacular. Depending on where you are, there’s probably tours and excursions that will allow you to see all that a country has to offer, with a mix of the well-known sights as well as some hidden treasures.

Step out of your comfort zone

The more adventurous traveler is going to want a thrill out of their destination. Why don’t you try something new? Go quad biking through the secret temples and tiny settlements of Cambodia’s Siem Reap, white water raft down one of Vietnam’s many currents – or why not go even bigger and try skydiving? Nepal boasts the tallest mountain in the world in the form of Mount Everest, and four times a year a group will jump over the peak for the ultimate view.

Embrace the cultures

Whether it be through an annual festival, a visit to a temple or simply through eating the street food in Asia, there’s a wealth of culture to be found in every form wherever you go. Consider India’s Holi festival, a celebration of colours, music and the triumph of good over evil. Hong Kong’s massive Chinese New Year event sees hundreds of fireworks illuminate the skies over energetic parades and markets. Or, for something you can experience all year round, the abundance of food and drink in Japan will introduce you to new meals and flavours you never even knew existed. There’s so much to take in wherever you go, so be willing to absorb it and seize every opportunity.

Stay safe

Most importantly, you always have to stay safe wherever you are – Asia is no exception. Make sure you’ve taken all the precautions before you arrive, such as vaccinations and medicines to bring with you. Whilst you’re there, watch out for insects such as mosquitoes carrying illnesses, and use repellent. In less developed areas, stay vigilant in case of thieves, who sometimes even try to snatch your bag whilst on a motorbike! Drink bottled water instead of tap water, stay protected from the beating sun and don’t do anything that could be considered dangerous or risky without strict authority. But, most importantly, remember to have fun! Asia possesses some of the most naturally magnificent places on Earth, and you’ll be happy to savour every single second of your travels.


Do you have any other tips for those traveling to Asia with kids? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below. 🙂

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Have a great trip, guys! 🙂

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7 Tips for an Asia Holiday with Kids to Remember

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