About Bringing Up the Parks

Hello there!

I’m Jackie, a Chinese-Malaysian-Filipina happily married to my Korean husband, Mr. Park. Together we have two little girls who keep us on our toes, and who are helping us become better versions of ourselves every day.

The original reason for having a blog was to share stories of my life abroad as a Southeast Asian mother in Korea parenting multicultural children. But several trips and a few years later (plus the fact that we’ve moved to Beijing now), I discovered that my topics began revolving more around kid-friendly places (mostly because there’s not much information out there) and observing how cultures interact or unfold. If I had more time, I would love to do more research on the effects of Asian migration into other Asian cultures on the children. Until then, I will share as many cultural tidbits as I can about the cultures of these four countries, comparisons or connections with them, and ways they affect our family life.

The first part of my blog is focused on multiculturalism in the family. I myself am the product of a “multicultural household”, a term that I would never have even had considered calling my family until I had my own. So I’m intentionally raising my children to be little multiculturals, with the hope that one day they can also love the countries I belong to as much as they love their father’s. If you are interested in learning more, click the banner below:


Earlier on I mentioned that I also blog about kid-friendly places. My posts are mostly about those in Seoul, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and now Beijing. If those interest you as well, here are the links to those categories:

And then there’s also the general culture of the countries we’ve been to. For example, did you know that Koreans don’t like it when you greet them a Happy Chinese New Year during the Lunar New Year? You’d think it’s common sense, but some people still do it! If you’re wondering why that matters and what their differences are, here’s a blog post that explains it. If you would like to read similar posts and other cultural-related posts, click here.


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