Family Wacky Photo of Bringing up the Parks

About Bringing Up the Parks

Hello there!

I’m Jackie, a Chinese-Malaysian-Filipina happily married to my Korean husband, Mr. Park. Together we have two little girls (L1 and L2) who keep us on our toes, and who are helping us become better versions of ourselves every day.

Family Wacky Photo of Bringing up the Parks
L2, Mommy Jackie, Daddy Park, L1 in their slightly messy but well-loved and well-played-in home

The original purpose of this blog was to share stories of my life abroad as a Southeast Asian mother parenting multicultural children in Korea. Back then, I shared a ton of stories about raising kids in Korea and our visits to Manila.

And then we moved to Beijing.

Admittedly, that was a confusing time for me and this blog. Here in Beijing, one needs a VPN in order to access social media easily accessible to the rest of the world. So slowly, I started writing more about life in Beijing.

And so now, my goal for the blog is to share the adventures of L1 and L2. Their challenges with language, their challenges with multiculturalism, their challenges with living far from grandparents and our relatives.


But most importantly, the places they’ve explored (that your kids will love, too!).

I’m talking about places like these:

Kid-friendly places in Beijing Kid-friendly places in Manila, Philippines

Kid-friendly places in Kuala Lumpur Kids Cafes in Seoul

Coming to China, one thing I’ve discovered is how different East Asian countries can be, like how different the Philippines is from Malaysia. This is a topic I would really like to go into more just out of curiosity.


Never ever did I imagine that my own life and previous challenges as a third culture child would actually be of some use to my own family. I’m excited that I can actually put all I’ve learned to good use.


Any thoughts? Anything you’d like to share? I’d love to connect! (Just let me put the kids to sleep first!)
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Thank you for visiting! 🙂