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Art in Island: Art the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

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I was looking for a place to go to during my husband’s short trip to Manila when a friend posted some pictures of her visit to “Art In Island”. The photos she had at this 3D Art Museum with her baby girl were so amazing that I couldn’t help but want to go ASAP. So the morning after my hubby landed in Manila, we headed out to visit this rare Quezon City-based gem (these kinds of places are usually South of Metro Manila, or somewhere very, very far!).

Art in Island
Daddy and his little girl

The entrance fee was P500 for every adult and free for my 17-month-old. When we entered the very cool building (referring to both the place and its actual temperature then) we were asked to take off our shoes and to leave it with the guy at the counter. He was supposed to give us a card with a number on it (but forgot). Fortunately, he still remembered us when we exited. He also informed us that none of us were allowed to drink any form of beverage during our trip around the museum because, in the case of spillage, people might not recognize it as actual spill and slip on it. Later on, during our walk around the museum, I actually saw fake water on the ground and instantly recalled the staff’s warning.

Art in Island
Art in Island Entrance

The floor was a bit cold at the time, and so I made my little girl wear socks while we were there. I was worried that she might slip since she seemed to be trying to run the whole time we were there, but fortunately, nothing of the sort happened. She was so happy, screaming like a mad scientist the whole time we were there!

Art in Island_Bringinguptheparks
Preggy Mama Crossing a Dangerous Bridge

Posing for photos was fun! We initially struggled with taking pictures and couldn’t find the best spot to take the pictures from. Probably thanks to my daughter’s excited screams an attendant with a cool camera came over and offered to help take our pictures. The nicer pictures you see were probably taken by her, the funnier-looking ones by me. Later on, though I noticed little round stickers on the floor with something like “Take Photo Here” on it. Each round sticker had an arrow on it pointing to a particular 3D painting. That was when I realized that the museum put those little stickers on the floor to help us take better pictures!

Art in Island
Hey Honey! I Shrunk Myself!

Sadly though we needed to leave soon because we had a lunch appointment. We asked for the exit and an attendant told us to take the stairs down to the ground floor. We did so then got our shoes and slippers back and then headed out. Due to our limited time, we had to skip a few parts of the museum. I guess this means we’ll have to go back on our next trip. 🙂

Don’t forget to bring these!
Some additional thoughts:
1. IMO, the price is a steal for what the place has to offer.
2. This place is not just for kids. It’s for the whole family to enjoy. After visiting this place I found myself thinking, “if only they had this kind of place in my area in Korea!”
3. The place was very clean, well-maintained, and there was staff EVERYWHERE to help us and everyone else take pictures.
4. Not sure from what angles to take pictures from? Have no fear! Look for the little stickers on the ground, stand on it and picture away!
5. Free wifi! The museum simply asks its customers to upload one of their pictures with a painting on their Facebook page (from what I recall anyway).
6. It’s in Quezon City! That’s a big PLUS for me!
7. Slipper socks cost P150, for those who forget their socks!
8. (2017 update:) They now have monthly art markets monthly! (More on their Facebook page.)

Monthly Art Market at Art in Manila

Ugh. Tourists to Manila: DO NOT miss this place! It needs to be part of your itinerary! It is number one of top things to do in Quezon City for 2017 and #8 of 361 things to do in Metro Manila via Trip Advisor.

My sister went awhile back and allowed me to post some of her pictures there. Here they are, thanks J! ^^

Art is Island entrance fees are free for kids under 3 feet, P400 for kids above 3 feet, for students, for senior citizens and for PWDs and is P500 for adults. Some of their promos include Birthday Promos, Group Promos and even private company employees promo. For more information on the first two, please click here.
Happy Hour Promo for employees!

Art in Island is open from Tuesdays thru Sundays, 9:30AM-9:30PM. It is located at **175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City and can be reached at 421-13-56. For more information, please click here for their Facebook page.



Art in Island

This post was first published on March 2015 and updated on July, 2017.


  1. When I heard of this place, it was fortunate that my mother and aunt were coming over for the weekend. It was in time for a holiday and my boyfriend’s birthday. We also got lost there! We booked a car all the way from Taft and went to Art in Island; Waze took us to the back of the place. Gladly, we asked the people residing and they pointed it to us and gave us the right direction. 🙂

    1. It sucks that you had to experience the same thing! But I hope that it’s much better now. The thing about Waze is that we become very dependent on it and sometimes end up lost if it has wrong directions, haha. Glad to know though that you eventually got there! 🙂

  2. Great to know we have this place in Manila… We have places like this here in Seoul… But then again, from your description, it seems to be a big place. Thanks for this post, we have another option for kids to go to aside from malls in the metro!

    1. Have you heard of Kidzania? It just opened in Manila, too. That’s another place you guys can consider going to! I think it’ll be awesome! 😀 Thanks for visiting!

  3. Hey Jackie,
    For a hot day in Manila, this sounds like the perfect cool family friendly outing! I like the picture of your daughter just looking at the big cat, adorable! There is a 3D art museum similar to this in Seoul. I went last year and had a blast taking silly photos!

  4. Hey Jackie,

    I really wish I’d made more time for Manila and its surroundings. Art in Island seems like a really wonderful place to take your family and to get away from the Manila heat. It’s a bummer about your camera but at least your sister’s photos came in to save the day for you! I guess if you want more photos of you and your family there, I guess there’s one solution. You’ve gotta go back! Haha. Thanks for revealing an awesome place and for sharing this wonderful post!

    1. Haha will definitely be going back! It’d already part of my itinerary on my next trip back. If you ever go to Manila try dropping by, it’s a fun place! 🙂

  5. Really cool place! I would love to see more of your photos pero ‘yun nga sayang your camera didn’t work as expected. Definitely a place worth checking! BTW, your little korean looks so cute! 🙂

  6. Thanks for your thorough review and helpful tips about this place. I’ve also seen this place a lot in my FB newsfeed. I think summer would be a great idea to bring the kids there.

    1. From the great photography I saw on your blog I think your family will definitely like this place. It’s a lot of fun, especially for those who like taking pictures and having fun! 🙂

  7. Great trip. There are two similar places like this here in Cebu but we haven’t been to any of them. Not sure if it’s worth the price but I’d definitely love to take our daughter there.

    1. Oh I didn’t know they have similar places like this in Cebu din! The one in Manila is really good. From my experience with my little girl she loved it so much talaga. 🙂

  8. Ooh! I wanna go there with my kids! They’ll love it there coz they’re as artistic as I am. I love the photo of you and the chair. I love how our eyes sometimes deceive us. When I go there, I totally gonna take a lot of photos, make a mood board or a collage out of it and post it on Instagram! 🙂

    1. That’s so cool! Onga noh I didn’t post on instagram at the time haha. You can actually post it on the spot pag andun na kayo kasi they also provide free wifi 🙂

  9. I wanted to visit this with the kids but still don’t have time yet to bring ourselves to Cubao! Hehehe. Great pictures. Makes me want to go there now :))

  10. BIGGEST 3D Museum in Asia!!! Cool! This is in my places-to-visit-this-summer list!! Now more excited! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  11. We’ve never been there, ang layo kasi from our place here in the south. I hope they will build a branch here 🙂

    1. You should! Whenever you feel na it’s too hot at home and you guys have nothing to do, I recommend going there. Super chilly din kasi when you get there haha 🙂

  12. Thanks for sharing about this mommy! This is in my list to go-to places..and might be planning to go there soon since Cubao is near our place lang 🙂 It’s nice to know that there are staff to take your pictures, kasi that my worry if we bring along the kids baka walang magpipicture samin 😀

  13. My folks took home a few similar pics from their trip to Korea before so there must be something similar there as well. Hehe. 😉 I’ve been seeing pics of my friends from their trip there in art in museum and it sure looks fun. Will have to check it out soon. 🙂

  14. So that’s where it is. I’ve been seeing pictures of my friends like these on my newsfeed, I just didn’t have the time to ask or search. That’s a nice concept.

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