3D Museums in 798, Beijing

Beijing’s Hello! My Ocean and the 3D Art Museum

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Just the other week, Daddy Park took a weeklong vacation from work. It was also the week before L1’s school started again, and Dear Hubby wanted to explore some nearby fun places with the family. So that Monday afternoon, we excitedly decided to go to Pace Beijing’s Team Lab exhibition , but instead ended up visiting Hello! My Ocean.


Okay, I confess: I didn’t do the research well enough. Some friends in a group had shared about this really cool digital forest exhibition and naturally, I wanted to go with the family. And so we went but—crap, noooo! It was closed on Mondays!

Fortunately, I knew that Hello! My Ocean was just somewhere nearby.

Hello! My Ocean (and the 3D Art Museum it’s connected to) is located within the popular art district known as 798. On a normal day, one could easily walk from Pace Beijing’s Team Lab exhibition to these 3D museums, but unfortunately the sun was wickedly fierce that day. Thanks to its unrelenting heat, our excited family soon enough turned grouchy, everyone’s irritability further fanned by Baidu Maps refusing to cooperate with me us. And so taking a cab seemed like the perfect solution to save this day.

I had earlier assumed that, once we were inside the cab and just basking in its cool air conditioning, everybody would be smiling. But grouchiness is infectious; our driver was not very happy to be peddling passengers who were simply traveling a short distance. We eventually dropped us off a short walk from our destination (according to his phone’s map we had already arrived and he insisted on having no idea where to drive us to ) and so again we had to endure the wrath of the sun. Fortunately a passerby pointed us in the right direction and we eventually saw the humongous “LIVETANK” in the distance.

Hopefully, it was all going to be worth it.

3D Art Museum

Team Park was tired; L2 had fallen asleep in her stroller, Daddy Park was practically sprawled against a chair conveniently situated in front of the lobby’s air conditioner and L1 was the only one left ready to continue the adventure with Mommy (so long as she could still use her scooter). That was when I discovered that Hello! My Ocean was on the second floor. On the first floor was a 3D Art Museum I had heard so much about but had yet to even research. Since L2 was sleeping in her stroller, exploring the 3D Art Museum first was the more convenient option.

Beijing 3D Art Museum
This guy in orange really tried to help some foreigners earlier understand the ticket prices but… you know, language barrier. Eventually he got fed up of acting like a unsuccessful translator and he just decided he’d stay by the entrance, away from the ticket area

And here are some photos:

And some more:
Beijing 3D Art Museum

Beijing 3D Art Museum
A long, dark hall was lighted by paintings like this one
Beijing 3D Art Museum
A long, dark hall was lighted by paintings like this one

Beijing 3D Art Museum

Beijing 3D Art Museum

Hello! My Ocean

Our tour of the 3D Art Museum was almost done by the time L2 woke up. We took a few more pictures with her in it and then decided to head upstairs. (There is no elevator going up and so we had to leave our stroller downstairs with the ticketing staff.)

I learned of the existence of this virtual aquarium from one of my older Bumps2Babes newsletters. It was one of those places I never went to during the promo period but always told myself I’d one day try to visit. So that day, we had our chance.

Hello! My Ocean
This screen deceived us. More in a bit

I didn’t actually realize it was just going to be a 3D aquarium until we entered the exhibition. In my head, I kept imagining an actual aquarium. I was shocked to discover that the only fish I was going to see where projections and those on the screens. We explored the area a bit but though the area was quite spacious, there really was barely anything inside.

We kept walking inside until we reached what seemed like a different exhibition altogether. That’s when we observed that half of the space inside was set aside for “Science Meets Art”.

The “Science Meets Art” section contained a few Barbie doll-type figurines, marionettes and robots in different sizes. The area was a bit darker and I have to admit, it just felt creepy being there:

Hello! My Ocean

Also, while we were roaming around, the guests were all called by the staff into a room to participate in an activity. We sat across from a large screen where a cartoon was playing, an igloo and snowy area in the background. A penguin later appeared and started talking to us. We answered back and before we knew it we were all engaged in conversation! He could even dance, sing and could seem to do any action at will!

Here’s a video of that interesting penguin:

My Review:


For visitors who don’t speak Mandarin, the staff that we encountered there spoke little to no Mandarin. In the end, I had to help a few foreigners understand how much the ticket prices were and where exactly they had to go.

Their air conditioning was also very weak. When I visited a similar exhibition while in Manila, I struggled with the cold. Here it was the opposite; we were walking through the art museum sweating quite a bit. I also have to admit that this art museum is a bit smaller than the one in Manila. I also found it a bit distracting that there were quite a few paintings very fixated on butts.

The same goes with Hello! My Ocean. the air conditioning on the second floor was very weak as well, and though there was a wide space there really wasn’t much to do. And when we came across a screen right in front of a pit of small plastic balls, I naturally assumed that the balls were meant to be thrown at the characters on the screen. But alas, the lot of us that threw balls at the screen failed to achieve anything. In the end, we just walked away wondering what the point of that screen was.

The Science Meets Art exhibit would have been interesting if it wasn’t a bit too creepy for very young children. One, in particular, reminded me of the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz.


We barely felt the air conditioning when we went, but who knows? It might be much better on your visit to the place. And though the children didn’t really like taking pictures, they did like seeing the paintings on the wall. L2 likes giraffes, so when her father asked her to take a picture with a different animal she refused and would only agree to post by the giraffe.

Not just that, we have these fun photos to look back to. The point of the 3D Art Museum was to have these interesting photos of ourselves while we were there, and we got just that.

Hello! My Ocean, however, isn’t really my cup of tea. But chatting with the penguin on TV was amusing, and even the kids were amazed at the things the penguin was saying.

We ended that afternoon with a visit to a nearby cafe that didn’t fail to please. But that’s a story for another time. 🙂

Hello! My Ocean

中 数字海洋馆
☼ *Tuesdays thru Sundays, 10:30AM-6:30PM
☏ +86-010-8459-9470;+86-010-8459-9476
📬 751 D PARK C12 LIVETANK ZUOGUAN 2F (朝阳区酒仙桥路4号751 D-PARK 时尚广场C12号 LIVETANK 左罐 二楼)


(or what I keep calling the “3D Art Museum”)
中 活的3D博物馆
☼ *Tuesdays thru Sundays, 10:30AM-6:30PM
☏ +86-010-8459-9470
📬 751 D PARK C12 LIVETANK ZUOGUAN 2F (朝阳区酒仙桥路4号751 D-PARK 时尚广场C12号 LIVETANK 左罐 二楼)
► http://hdsd.360500.com/
Wechat ID: tank360

*According to my ticket, it says that both Hello! My Ocean and Livetank are supposed to be closed on Mondays. But as you already know, we went on a Monday. So I’m not sure why they were open that day.

Google Map:

For the Baidu Map, click here.

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3D Museums in 798, Beijing


  1. That ‘Science Meets Art’ exhibit would’ve scared the bajeeezus out of me! Those dolls are seriously creepy looking! And the concept of a 3D aquarium is kind of strange, I would’ve been surprised too if I had been expecting a live tank and only seen projections. But the kids look like they had fun which is the most important part of the outing!

    1. Thank you! I totally agree, it was really freaky! The target audience was kids under 4, so it’s a bit surprising to have that kind of exhibit there.
      Yes, in the end it’s really only the hubby and I who will remember the weird moments. The kids will really just look at the picture one day and say, aww, memories, haha. 😀 Thanks for commenting Izzy! 😀

  2. I think I’d be bummed out too expecting to see some real fish. I bet your kids were tickled pink to be able to interact with the sea creatures. I’m glad that sans children I’m not required to go to these types of attractions, I feel like once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

  3. Korea has a similar 3D art gallery. As an adult without children, the bottom images there would probably be the only thing that would keep me amused. Nice photos.

  4. It’s so nice of you to help a foreigners understand how much the ticket prices were and where exactly they had to go. I used to do it in whenever I’m having a body scrub in the saunas. Haha!
    By the way, Are you talking about the Art in Island Museum in Manila? I’ve been there last year and I think there are many similarities in the exhibits. I don’t know if you have been to Trick Eye Museum in Hongdae, Seoul but I highly recommend it just in case you’re going to visit Korea again. ^^

  5. At least, you still have your photos to look back on. I can feel your disappointment. The brighter side is, your children are still too young to remember that it wasn’t that good. Also, good thing you didn’t follow the Closed on Monday notice.

    1. That’s so true! We all look at the photos and honestly forget the sweatiness, haha. In a way it’s all worth it. Thank you for the comment! 🙂

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