Bringing up the Parks goes to Manila

Bringing up the Parks… in Manila!

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Nearly three weeks ago, the kids and I flew back to Manila solo (cause Daddy sadly had a lot of work to do and couldn’t join.) And what a trip that was!

And so that’s one reason I haven’t been updating much recently. It’s because we were enjoying our holiday! That, and we had:

1 birthday party to plan (L2’s to be more precise);

2 birthdays to celebrate;

4 friends coming to Manila for travel;


The C clan was almost complete, except for Daddy Park and another Dad who had to stay behind in the U.S. We were all back home to attend a wedding, and L2 was one of the flower girls!

Bringing up the Parks in Manila

And so expect stories of our travel to Manila for the next few weeks. I had this whole theme planned out for this month (Religion in Asia), but let’s put that on the shelf first and talk about what it was like for the kids to go back to Manila. To say that they were happy would be an understatement!

Oh, and while we were in the Philippines, I shared our story with Esther Brumme over at Third Culture Mama about the challenges we faced from dating a foreigner and how Mr. Park and I are making our cross-cultural relationship work.

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