Take a Break from the City at Kuala Lumpur’s The Central Park and Waterfront

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As if Kuala Lumpur hadn’t dazzled us enough already, my cousins decided to take us to the beautifully-designed The Central Park. The Central Park at Desa Park City is literally a breath of fresh air in this sea of concrete, its jogging paths lined with trees and in its center, a gorgeous lake that—even for just a bit—relaxes the senses by temporarily distracting us from the repetitive humdrum of city life.

It was definitely a beaut. Though open to the public, this park mainly caters to the tenants of The ParkCity, one of the most expensive residential areas in Kuala Lumpur. Visitors are expected to behave themselves, and these signs share how:



We strolled down the path, and to be honest it made me wish I lived nearby. I could jog here every day!




But we didn’t just come here for the scenery. Inside this park is a playground for the little kiddos. Though aesthetically eye-catching, it’s not really very toddler-friendly. It’s probably more suitable for kids four and up.




I was very surprised (but glad) to see a small congregation of Filipinas celebrating Christ. They were praising the Lord in songs commonly sang back in the Philippines.

The Parks' Family Adventure Across Kuala Lumpur

The Waterpark (the retail entertainment plaza connected to The Central Park) hosted a line of restaurants and shops which were mostly foreign. It is the answer to those who are looking to spend a whole day outdoors without being too far from civilization.


The Central Park at Desa Park City is located at 5, Persiaran Residen, 52200 Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur (thanks Yelp). Click here for their official website and here for their Facebook page.

Especially for those with pets, this is the best park in or out of Kuala Lumpur you should definitely not miss!

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