My Children’s Favorite Asian Stories

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My mom is a Malaysian, and so even as a young child I was naturally curious about Malaysia. But nothing much came out of this curiosity since our trips to Malaysia were mostly as visitors and not really as locals.

While I don’t think my children will ever be able to care about Malaysia as much as I do, I would still like to expose them to children’s books written by Malaysians. So I was very excited to see a local bookstore while traveling in Kuala Lumpur recently. I fell in love soon as I saw that it had a little reading nook for the kids.

Interestingly, the books on these shelves were in English. In contrast, children’s books in the Philippines are sometimes written in two languages.

Here are some of the Malaysian books we read while we were at a newly-opened bookstore called Borders.

And here are some more that we bought:

And here are some of the Filipino books we’ve read so far.
Andoy Smiled (Ngumiti si Andoy)Ngumiti si Andoy
A few Adarna books like this one: sampu-pataas-sampu-pababa_large
Maria’s Colorful Bancamarias-colorful-banca-corrected

Two other books whose pictures I don’t currently have that my kids love are Bahay Kubo (House of Nipa) and a Filipino Counting Book (yes, they sing it in Tagalog!).

Interestingly, this is my kids’ favorite book from Beijing, which is a story about discovering Beijing through the eyes of an expat child:
What a Place!

Do you read your native books to your kids? What books do you read? Please let me know in the comments section below!


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