Wow! Thai Bilingual Children's Book

Embrace Diversity with this Thai Children’s Book!

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I’m excited to share another book from the pasalubong my Shobe (Hokkien, a Chinese dialect, for youngest sister) brought back for us from Thailand and also my 15th book my 52 Children’s Books Across Asia series. The book is called Wow!, and it’s a toddler-friendly book that encourages diversity!

Wow! Thai Bilingual Book for kids

An elephant meets a number of animals in the forest. Each of them shares a special quality that they are very proud of. A deer, for example, shares how good-looking he is thanks to his beautiful horns and a spider shares about his amazing web-weaving skills.

Wow! lion
A lion sharing his own talents

Can you guess what the elephant’s talent was?

Wow! wet animals
They should not have underestimated the elephant

I really love how the author ended the story, by bringing them all back together in the end and reminding the kids that we don’t always have to be in constant competition. The author shares that the characters are all friends with their own special traits.

I hope you liked this book! My sister bought it for THB115 at the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Bangkok, Thailand. For those traveling there with kids sometime soon, here’s a cute book you might want to add to your selection! 🙂

Embrace Diversity with this Thai Children's Book!

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