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Jojo’s Bistro: Dine with the (cartoon) stars at this Kid-friendly Restaurant

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Last weekend, my children had the opportunity to stare at tiny little Octonauts while having their meal. For them, that was probably their favorite aspect of Jojo’s Bistro.

After Church last Sunday, we headed to Jojo’s Bistro, a restaurant recently shared by my husband’s classmate on her Wechat Moments and had received quite a number of likes. Jojo’s Bistro is located at Xiaoyun Dining Street, but having never been to this area before we naturally assumed it was along the main road. We went from one end to the other, only to discover that there was a small path leading to another row of restaurants at the back, and there we eventually found Jojo’s Bistro.

Jojo's Bistro Entrance

Its huge English sign stood out from its neighbors, and a lovely cart with plastic bread on it was set up near the entrance. We then walked in to discover a quaint little restaurant (that felt a bit like a cafe) that had little figurines of popular cartoon characters on one wall and beautiful paintings on the opposite side. A closer look at the tables reveal little worlds in clay, some of them familiar to me:

Jojo's Bistro's figurines

Jojo's Bistro's cute tables

Jojo's Bistro's Cute Tables

Jojo's Bistro's cute tables

My children immediately went from table-to-table, looking through the glass for familiar characters. We had just settled on a table when I noticed that the table nearest to the door, the only one that my children hadn’t visited, encased the characters from one of their favorite shows, Octonauts (海底小纵队 or Hǎidǐ xiǎo zòngduì in Chinese). My kids freaked and demanded strongly suggested we move to that table.

As we were about to order, I noticed additional information on the menu cover about the restaurant’s cooking classes and party availabilities. Curious, I asked the staff about it and they told me how they had stopped it temporarily to revamp their cooking classes a bit. They plan to start it again later this month or in December. (Good news: It’s starting again on November 25! More information at the end.)

Usually, I need activities to distract the kids until the food finally arrived. But thanks to Octonauts, I didn’t have to do a thing.

Daddy Park ordered these for us:

Jojo's Bistro
Salmon Salad; 56 RMB

Jojo's Bistro
Pumpkin Soup, Mushroom Soup, both 36 RMB
Jojo's Bistro
Margarita Pizza; 88 RMB
Jojo's Bistro Beijing
Lamb Rack with Apricot and Saffron 128 RMB

And we got these for starters, while waiting for our orders:

Jojo's Bistro Beijing
Nom nom 🙂

My husband and I loved everything while the kids only had eyes for the salad and the lamb rack. When we were nearly done with our meal, the waitress came over with a small cake for the kids. My supposedly-full kids suddenly had space in their bellies for this dessert.

Jojo's Bistro Beijing

When I asked about the cooking classes mentioned on the menu’s front cover, she mentioned that they also have other classes such as fish bowl garden-making. Here are some photos that were shared with me, which I was also allowed to reshare here:

Jojo Bistro’s Cooking Classes, for kids 5 and up with their parents

Jojo Bistro's Cooking Classes
Families preparing Gnocchi
Jojos Bistro's Fish Bowl Garden Class
Jojos Bistro’s Fish Bowl Garden Class
Jojos Bistro's Fish Bowl Garden Class
Jojos Bistro’s Fish Bowl Garden Class

Cooking classes are available again, now every Saturday morning from November 25 onwards. The minimum age to join these classes is 5, and both parents and kids can participate in the activity.

All in all, it was a delightful experience. I paid the second floor a visit and discovered different rooms people could book for bigger parties, although they were plain compared to what we had on the ground floor.

Jojo’s Bistro’s Info according to Dianping:

☼ Mondays thru Sundays, from 9AM-9PM
☏ 13911871672 15210984131
📬 #15 Xiaoyun Street (at the backside of the Xiaoyun Dining Street) (at the 霄云路15号霄云街后街(餐饮街后街)

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