kids cafes in seoul

Kids Cafes in Seoul

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L1 was about six months old when I first took her to a kids cafe.

My husband and I were meeting up with two other moms for the first time with their own kids. The ladies and I sat at a nearby table while the kids explored the cafe—all within sight. It was an enjoyable meet-up and the first of my many adventures at kids cafes in Seoul.

Korean kids cafes, despite the name, is a sort of cafe + indoor playground in one. Parents get to dine and sip their cups of coffee in peace while the kids connect with their friends through the language of play. Everyone then has fun, right?

A bit confused? Here’s a post that might help you understand it a bit more.

And so for those looking for the nearest kids cafes near them in Seoul, here’s an imperfect directory you might find helpful. I’ve also added links to the ones I’ve written about, some related posts and other websites that might come in handy.

Kid Cafes in Seoul
Kid Cafes in Seoul

Now, let’s go explore some kids cafes!

Here are kids cafes in Seoul by district:
Dobong District (도봉구) | Dongdaemun District (동대문구) | Dongjak District (동작구) | Eunpyeong District (은평구) | Gangbuk District (강북구) | Gangdong District (강동구) | Gangnam District (강남구) | Gangseo District (강서구) | Geumcheon District (금천구) | Guro District (구로구) | Gwanak District (관악구) | Gwangjin District (광진구) | Jongno District (종로구) | Jung District (중구) | Jungnang District (중랑구) | Mapo District (마포구) | Nowon District (노원구) | Seocho District (서초구) | Seodaemun District (서대문구) | Seongbuk District (성북구) | Seongdong District (성동구) | Songpa District (송파구) | Yangcheon District (양천구) | Yeongdeungpo District (영등포구) | Yongsan District (용산구) |

Here are some related posts:

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Here are the kids cafes I’ve shared about:

Kambu & Friends Kids Cafe at Pangyo Pandakat Kids Cafe in Pangyo Teddy Bear Zoo Kids' Par at Lotte World Mall, Seoul Lilliput Kids Cafe at Cheongdam Party Ju Apple Kids Cafe at D-Cube City, Sindorim, Seoul Tayo Kids Cafe Branches in Seoul Strawberry Kids Cafe at Seoul Olympic Park Petit Mer Kids Cafe Pororo Park, Seoul Lounge P at Coex Mall

A great resource to find kid-friendly activities in Seoul is Kids Fun In Seoul, every expat parent’s number one resource for fun stuff to do in Seoul! Or ask questions via “Kiddin Around Soko” on Facebook. There’s at least one new kids cafe being shared every few days, and it’s a good place to ask any question you might have about these places. I’ve gotten much information about new places thanks to this group as well.

Thanks for visiting! Are there any other resources you’d like to recommend? Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂


  1. Thanks for the complete list. I don’t have kids but I’ll definitely share this with my friends who do.

  2. I feel like I need to send this post to all of the parents of my Kindy students. I wish there were adult cafes like these! I absolutely love ball pits and jumping castles! Haha, great list 🙂

  3. This is a great guide for parents! When I taught kindy, my little ones always raved about kids cafes. It was definitely a popular place for the moms to hang out while the kids could interact and play!

  4. Very helpful post for those looking for places to entertain their kids. It is crazy the amount of turnover in businesses in Korea – it’s kind of frustrating especially if you really like a certain restaurant/cafe, but it could be exciting coming back after a vacation and seeing some new kids on the block.

  5. Thanks for sharing this post! I’m sure many families will love bringing their kids to these places – especially on rainy and/or cold days ^^

    Maybe I’ll even visit one too – I AM a kid-at-heart after all 😉

  6. Holy Cow! There’s alot of kid’s cafes in Korea! That’s awesome! Korea is the king of cafes I swear. You can’t walk down a block without seeing at least 3 cafes. On top of that there are so many different themed cafes, and now kid’s cafes! That’s such a smart idea for parents with young kids around!

  7. Really great effort, Jackie! I have graduated that phase but when kids were at that age for kids cafe, i check sites and ask friends around. This is helpful!

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  9. Very informative post, Jackie!! Thanks for sharing.
    Do you know any other interesting cafes in SoKo? Besides the usual pets cafe, etc.


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