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Nihao Beijing 6: Daddy’s Week Off from Work

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This summer, Daddy Park decided to take a week off from work during the last week of L1’s school holiday. I have to admit that it somewhat started off on the wrong foot (a post on that and what I learned coming soon). Fortunately, the week ended with all of us feeling nostalgic, the kids wishing for more.

So what did we do during our week long holiday?

Here’s a rough itinerary, which I’ll go into more details during the next few weeks. For now, the links below will redirect you to other sites until my own stories are done:

Monday afternoon, we went to the Hello! My Ocean and the 3D Art Museum.
Tuesday: We took a cab to Gubei Water town and stayed there overnight.
Wednesday: We came back from Gubei Water Town and had time to go swimming after!
Thursday: We went to 798’s Pace Beijing’s Team Lab exhibition, had a great lunch at Schindler’s Autoladestelle’s nearby, and then went to the Beijing Train Museum (L2 slept the whole time we were there!)
Friday: We chilled at home. My husband and I went for a massage in the afternoon, took the kids out for swimming and then came home.

This is part of the reason I haven’t really been posting updates recently.
Another is because I’ve been helping connect influencers (the general term for bloggers, vloggers, etcetera) across China. It’s still a small group, but I’m looking forward to seeing it grow. 😊

Click here to see who are some of the bloggers currently active in China and here for the currently active vloggers.

I’m also working on another project where I get to hopefully share more community-powered stories on raising expat kids in Beijing. Fingers crossed; stay tuned for that!

What’s your favorite place to visit in Beijing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!


  1. A week off sounds just about right. I think I would have dropped the kids off with grandma and grandpa and then escaped to some island destination. I really like the idea of connecting vloggers and bloggers together but is across a whole continent too unwieldly?

  2. I haven’t been to Beijing but based on your story, there’s so much things to do there. I’ll definitely check out all the tips in your blog when I plan my trip. I’m looking forward to read about your community-powered stories on raising expat kids in Beijing.

  3. Very exciting happenings! Are you guys living in China now? Or just enjoying a vacation? Well, anyway it sounds like you guys had a good mix of activities~ things for the little ones and some relaxing time for mom and dad. A massage sounds pretty good right now.

    1. We’re currently based here and living the life. ^^ Thank you! Yes, we love our massages! It’s much cheaper here than it was in Korea! Haha thank you for commenting! ^^

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