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Resources for Kid-Friendly Places in Korea

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Discovering kid-friendly places in Korea can be challenging, especially considering there aren’t that many English blogs about family life there. If only there was a place to find helpful resources for families traveling to Korea.

Aha! Could this be a good place to start? Hopefully, you think so too. The sites and pages listed below are written or created by people based in Korea for fellow expats/foreigners. If you have any questions, you can also get in touch with the Facebook page/groups and get the answers directly from the experts: the local residents!


The Soul of SeoulThe Soul of Seoul is the first blog that comes to mind. The author, Hallie, is also a mom like myself who writes about her travels and some parenting stories. Once in a while she also shares about her adventures with her daughter. For her tips on where to take the children in Korea, click here.

The Wandering Browns I’ve been enjoying some stories from The Wandering Browns as well but, oh no! They’re moving onwards and now to Israel! Now there’s a family really bitten with the travel bug! And for tips on where to go in Korea, check out their stories here!

Kids Fun in Seoul is a great resource of places to go in Seoul. Also, their posts about fun places for kids are for kids of various ages, which is great for those with older children as well. (Mine are still tots, so my posts would naturally revolve around places for very young children.) I would recommend checking out this Seoul map on their site though, where you can see different fun places for kids and their general locations! Click here to visit it. (For those in China, VPN required)

Expat Kids Korea I only discovered this site recently through a friend who had shared it on her wall. From the looks of it, it’s extremely informative, even if you’re not an expat. And so for those with questions about Korea, you can visit Expat Kids Korea here.


Some of the top questions I’ve been asked about traveling around Seoul with the kids are:
1. What are some kid friendly restaurants that I recommend?
2. What are my toddler-friendly recommended places in Seoul?
3. Where can I find (stuff) and (more stuff) in Seoul?

Some questions are easier to answer, but others are a bit more challenging, especially since I’ve been away for far too long now. It’s even harder now that some Korean websites are blocked here in China and so I can’t easily use my mobile phone to search the answers. And so here are a few Facebook groups that will help you get your answers probably faster than I can:

For indoor playgrounds in Seoul, I recommend joining the group Kiddin Around Soko. This group is all about finding fun places in Seoul especially for toddlers. The moderators are also quite active and very friendly from what I remember.

For general information about kids in Korea, Korea for Kids is a very helpful resource! Visit their Facebook page here.

For questions about traveling to Korea, the Korea Tourism Facebook page frequently updates on events that you wouldn’t have gotten from a travel book! Visit their page to learn more. Another option is the Korea Q & A group here.

Did you find it useful? Are there any sites you’d like to suggest? Let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add it to the list!

Have a great time in Korea with your family!

Family Travel Korea Resources

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