Toddler-Friendly Places and Activities in Beijing

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My family and I have been in Beijing for almost six months now and I’ve learned a lot about Beijing’s kid-friendliness. First of all, Beijing is at least trying. The government plans to set up more nursing stations, and I even read that some buses (not in Beijing though) have seats for nursing women and a curtain they can pull to cover them. Not just that, though. I’ve observed that there are definitely much more activities for children now than three years ago.

Also, the expats here are very supportive of each other and have formed groups aimed to help Beijing expat parents. It’s so good that some people ahead of us in the parenting game have dedicated time and effort to help the rest of us newbies. To the administrators of MOPS, Bumps2Babes and the Beijing Mama yahoogroup, a heartfelt thank you!

So I decided to do some research and put together toddler-friendly resources available in Beijing for our local expat parents. Hopefully future new parents in or coming to Beijing find it helpful as well. 🙂

So without further ado, here are some kid-friendly places and activities in Beijing.

1. Toddler-Friendly Churches

Beijing Churches
For families who don’t need childcare, here are some other Church options in Beijing

If you thought Church is just a big-people thing, Beijing International Christian Fellowship will tell you otherwise. BICF sees children as “disciples-in-training”, so it’s never too early to introduce them to Christ (as long as they’re past babyhood, at least!). Click here for more information.

BICF also has toddler-friendly family ministries. After Church service on Sunday, pay their Welcome Corner a visit and the volunteers will connect you with your preferred small group.

For Catholics, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception at Xuanwumen (Nantang Church or Xuanwumen Church) also has Sunday Bible School for young children during their 10:30 AM service.

2. Mommy-Centric Talks
One thing I love about Beijing is how there are quite a few places that has talks on how to be a better mom. My favorite is Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) , because it has childcare and I can really feel relaxed knowing that there’s someone taking care of my daughter while I’m doing something for myself!

Local international hospitals such as Oasis and Beijing United Family Hospital will occasionally have health-related talks and workshops. Being big hospitals they have their own little indoor playground, but you’ll need to bring someone to help watch over the kids.

3. Playgroups
The biggest playgroup that I’m familiar with so far is Bumps2Babes, which is really a lifesaver for new moms in the Capital. As its namesake, the group is a support group for new moms and those with young children (Click here to read the benefits of joining a playgroup). This group is run by volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to make fellow moms not feel so alone while exposing their little ones to other big and small human beings on the planet (or in Beijing, anyway). They have playgroups for every zodiac sign from 2011 (amazing, right?) and playgroup meet-ups every day of the week in many locations around the city. The group also connects with local companies to get discounted rates for us mamas. I love it!

One session I attended for example was a playgroup slash Q&A session with a doctor at Raffles Medical Beijing. I got to ask the doctor my questions and then chat with fellow moms with kids in the same age range as well. If only we had this in Seoul, too! If you’d like to join, please let them know by e-mailing the leaders at

While not really a playgroup, another “group” I recommend joining is the Beijing Mamas Yahoo Group. This yahoogroup is an awesome resource for parents and a great place to ask any questions you might have. What I love about this is that when you send an e-mail to the group, thousands of people will see it and there’s bound to be someone who knows the answer to your parent-related question. Visit their site (you need a Yahoo ID though!).

4. Indoor Playgrounds by District
This particular section is filled up from information I got from Nuomi! I haven’t been to most of these places, so I can’t even tell you whether they’re good or not. So please click on the places you want to go so that you can be redirected to their contact information page. From there please call them to make sure you want to go (or that they’re still open). Also I couldn’t translate many of the names because I’m lacking in the Chinese department. Also, some districts are missing because I sadly couldn’t find any indoor playgrounds for those. Still looking though!

Dongcheng District (东城区)


Chaoyang District (朝阳区)

Cheer Castle * 米蒂跳 * 奇乐堡儿童成长乐园 * Fundazzle * 鸟巢欢乐冰雪嘉年华 * Kokoma Sailing Adventure * 立巢飞行模拟馆(水立方店) (Similar to Kidzania) * Solana’s Kid’s Town * 海贝儿(长楹天街店) * 比如世界 (Another Kidzania like place at Metro near Sanyuanqiao Station) * Exciting Kids Land in Wangjing * We are Pirates, Taiyanggong Branch * Molly Fantasy, Taiyanggong Branch * 彩虹盒子(孙河店) * 馨乐园 * 棒棒堂亲子儿童乐园 * 繁星幻想儿童欢乐谷 * Yuyuto 悠游堂北京世贸工三店 * Little Oasis Playground * Family Boxes (家盒子) Magic Bean House (豆豆家) * Water Cube Leisure Park (水立方嬉水乐园) * 嘉文梦幻王国 * Indoor Play-areas at We-Life Mall * Adventure Zone at Kerry Centre Mall * Blue Zoo Beijing *

Fengtai District (丰台区)

莫林妙卡儿童乐园 * Blue Moon’s Water World (蓝月儿的水世界) * 吉儿欢乐馆(宝苑国际店) * Doctor Ma Baby Swimming (马博士婴幼儿游泳馆(宝苑国际店)) * Nangong Hot Spring Water World (南宫温泉水世界) * Happy Sea * 鱼乐贝贝婴幼儿水育馆(永定门店) *

Shijingshan District (石景山区)

Doctor Ma Baby Swimming (马博士婴儿游泳中心(八角店)) * Yu Le Baby (鱼乐贝贝婴幼儿水育馆(远洋山水店)) -another indoor baby pool *

Haidian District (海淀区)

童梦奇境(华联万柳店) * Dulu Land * 麦幼优儿童乐园 * 开心岛儿童水上主题俱乐部(万柳店) Baby swimming * 小博士婴幼儿游泳馆 (Swimming as well) * 天奇宝贝趣味泡泡乐园(玉渊潭店) A bubble playground * 大美儿童世界(军博店) *

Fangshan District (房山区)

月儿湾婴儿游泳馆 * 爱乐宝儿童主题乐园 * 加州儿童乐园 * Nangong Hot Spring Water World * Myoyo (麦幼优海洋主题儿童乐园, 华冠天地店) * happy游艺童梦奇境(房山店) *

Tongzhou District (通州区)

开心岛儿童水上主题俱乐部 * 圣童贝尔儿童乐园 * 贝乐克儿童娱乐城 *

Shunyi District (顺义区)

云端小镇儿童主题乐园 * 艾迪宝贝儿童娱乐店 * Colorful Butterfly Ecological Park (七彩蝶蝴蝶生态园) * Saturday Children’s Water Park 星期六儿童水上主题乐园(马坡店) * Shunyi Qiaobo Snow World *

Changping District (昌平区)

格林黛娜(昌平店) * 壮宝贝儿童乐园 * 稀罕宝贝儿童乐园 * Korean Bubble Park (not exact name) (韩国泡泡秀儿童体验馆(温都水城店)) * 开心杰米儿童训练馆 * 梦追忆&家宝贝亲子乐园 * 童梦奇境戏水园(回龙观店) * 格林黛娜(昌平店) *

Daxing District (大兴区)

童梦奇境儿童乐园(西红门店) * 七彩太阳城儿童乐园 * 考拉儿童主题乐园 * 盘龙翠谷魔幻冰雕亲子乐园 * 嘉美主题乐园 *

Pinggu District (平谷区)

乐智奇趣儿童乐园 * 静之宝儿童乐园 * 蓝帕小镇

Miyun District (密云区)


5. Restaurants with Play Areas in Beijing
Beijing has upped the standards for “kid-friendly restaurants” with many restaurants now home to little play areas for young children. Here are some of them:
School’s Out * Annie’s in Shunyi * Haidilao at Capital Mall, Taiyanggong branch * Baby International (国际宝贝) * Element Fresh at Indigo Mall * Tiago at Indigo Mall * Huiben Weidao Family Friendly Restaurant * Lazy-roo Kids Cafe * Peter’s Western Restaurant in Lido * Ikea (Restaurant) * Cafe Zarah—every second Sunday of the month Kids Hutong will keep the little kids busy while parents enjoy their meals! *

6. Breastfeeding-Friendly Malls in Beijing
Time Out Beijing just recently shared about three (Parkview Green Fangcaodi, Indigo Mall and Solana) malls with nursing rooms (which usually automatically has diaper-changing areas), but I thought I’d mention a few more. The Galleria mall in Sanyuanqiao also has a nursing room on the second floor, just next to Uniqlo (Sadly, it’s now closed!). The mall isn’t as big as other malls, but it’s peaceful and the walkway is wide—a perfect place to strap the kids in the stroller and push them around until they finally nap. They also have some decent, not-overpriced restaurants and retail shops such as H&M and Uniqlo.

Another mall that has nursing facilities is Building E of the Global Trade Center.

Also, according to here are some more places:

6.Shin-Kong Place (新光天地)
7. Ito Yokado (华堂) (Linked to official website, address in Chinese)
8. Beijing APM (新东安商场(王府井APM)), every floor has one
9. Charter Shopping Mall (卓展购物中心), 4F
10. Xizhimen Jiamao Shopping Mall (嘉茂购物中心), 4F
11. Aeon Mall, Changping Branch (昌平永旺购物中心), 2F
12. Xin Ao Shopping Center (北京新奥购物中心)
13. Shuangan Department Store (双安商场), 5F
14. Dreamport Mall (北五环的华润五彩城), every floor
15. Capital Mall, Taiyanggong Branch

This list will be updated from time to time, especially because not all information is confirmed accurate (although I do my best to get my above information from reliable sources). If you find a mistake please let me know. If you liked this post I encourage you to save it on your RSS feed or just bookmark it. I’ll keep updating it as I learn more.

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Toddler Friendly Places & Activities in Beijing

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