how to make your travel itinerary kid-friendly

Make Your Travel Itinerary Kid-Friendly with These Tips (Guest Post)

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In order to have a more enjoyable family holiday, the children’s needs ought to be taken into consideration. Here are some tips from De Vere Hotels’ Jay Williams on how to make your travel itinerary more toddler-friendly:

From the day your beautiful children arrive, you soon realize that travelling and holidaying will never be the same again. Gone are the days of throwing a tent in the back of your car and driving off into the sunset. What was once a care-free experience has now become a military-like operation of equipment logistics and detailed planning.

Luckily, with a little bit of extra planning and organisation you can still have a great trip that will satisfy all of the family, and a big part of making sure things run smoothly is to make sure that your travel itinerary is child friendly ahead of travelling. Try the following ways to get your next holiday off to a great child friendly start:

Prepare the kids and get early buy-in.
As soon as your child hits the toddler stage and begin to understand holidays, consider making a conscious effort to involve them in the planning process. This could be as simple as asking them for a few ideas of things to do while away or showing them the current plans and getting their feedback. Getting this early buy-in from them will pay dividends in the long run. They will be excited about going away and will look forward to the activities that they’ve been involved in.

Research is of course a big part of any holiday itinerary but picking out attractions that you think will keep your children engaged and happy requires an extra little bit of research. While attractions freely advertise if they are child-friendly or not, reading reviews left by other parents is the true test to decipher if an attraction truly is child-friendly or not. There is a big different between child-friendly and your-child-will-like-this so you can bet if an attraction falls short of its promise to children, their parents will let everyone know about the tantrums they had to deal with.

Take a local tour.
Local tours are a simple activity that are often overlooked, but an enthusiastic tour guide can fill your child with a sense of excitement, not only that, local tours are generally reasonably priced and can give you a nice break from answering questions from your toddler for an entire afternoon. While there are many types of local tours, a general city walking tour is a great start.

Keep it simple.
When travelling with children costs can quickly spiral out of control, especially if you are visiting a particularly touristy area with lots of attractions on offer. But children do appreciate simple activities and spending quality time with their parents, so consider simpler activities such as relaxing on the beach playing ball games and having a picnic or visiting local natural attractions such as caves or volcanoes. It will probably give everyone some much needed down time and give the purse strings a rest.

Jay Williams is part of the Content & Community team at the De Vere Hotels who have a range of destination hotels throughout country and city locations in the UK.

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how to make your travel itinerary kid-friendly

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