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Tussot App Review: Print your Memories at Affordable Rates

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One of the reasons I started blogging was to document little details about our family life from time to time. I even have notebooks documenting their babyhood and now their toddlerhood. But as the kids grew older, my own responsibilities increased as well. And more responsibilities meant less time to document.

And so when Tussot approached me a few weeks ago to review their products, I was ecstatic. Tussot is a mobile app in the business of creating memories. Users create online photo albums with the option to print them out afterward. We had just explored parts of Beijing and a nearby Watertown for a week, and since it was taking me a while to churn out blog posts, Tussot albums were a more efficient alternative!

Using the Tussot App

The app’s online albums can be shared with other friends using the Tussot app. I didn’t know about Tussot until a few weeks ago, so it didn’t come as a surprise that none of my friends had the app yet as well.

Tussot App for Beijingers

The app was fairly easy to use and came with simple instructions. To create an album, I clicked on Album, selected “Create Album Now” at the bottom and clicked on “More” to download my preferred templates.

There are four printing types (Calendar, Magazine, Photo Book and Album) but only two main templates: Calendar and Everything Else. The Magazine, Photo Book, and Album all have 32 pages each, and they mainly differ on the type of paper they are printed on and the thickness of their covers. But the templates used for these three styles are more or less the same.

Tussot App for Beijingers

Though I generally prefer using templates, I ended up customizing my own magazine because not all of my photos fit in the other templates’ pre-set photo frames. Customizing my own album also allowed me to choose the layout of the photos.

Designing my new album was fun, although not the most convenient. I discovered that when I added too many photos to an album, the album would hang and I would have to create a new album altogether. For example, I created another album later on using a Calendar template and added in about twenty photos (a Calendar template can only hold thirteen photos). After the photos had uploaded to their server, I discovered I could not open the album anymore. So I had to create a new one instead.

Tussot App for Beijingers

When I was done creating my album, I clicked on Print, and selected the Magazine option. There are three payment methods: Wechat Pay, Alipay and Unionpay (or Debit Card). After that, I simply had to wait for my product.

My Tussot Magazine

I waited a week before finally receiving our magazine. But its arrival got us excited. My daughters enjoyed scanning the pages and reminiscing our trip to Gubei Watertown!

Tussot App for Beijingers

Challenges I found:

1. Adding photos to the album was a bit troublesome since there wasn’t a “Select All” function. I had already grouped the photos I wanted to print in one album, and it was very mafan (麻烦/troublesome) to keep clicking on all the checkboxes to add them into my album.
2. My application hung a few times and that was a bit challenging, but I liked the swift response I got from their IT team.
3. According to the owner, most of the random problems I encountered while using their app was most likely because of my phone model (Samsung Galaxy Note 4). And so for those who are not using this model, you will probably have a smoother experience.
4. When logging onto the app, make sure that your VPN is turned off. Otherwise you won’t be able to log into the app.

Here are the different prices:
Size: 210x280cm
Price: ¥33

Photo Book
Size: 180x240cm
Price: ¥98

Size: 270x360cm
Price: ¥148

Size: 210x145cm
Price: ¥33

Overall, I found the app a bit challenging for my taste. I didn’t like how my app hanged just because I added more photos than I should have. But I do think that the final product was a great value for the price. For fellow Beijingers who aren’t in a hurry to receive their items and are looking for an affordable photo printing app in English, download Tussot today.

For more information, visit their website here or download the Tussot app on the Google Playstore.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

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