Twelve Merry Princesses

Twelve Merry Princesses (aka How to Catch a Mischievous Princess)

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There were once twelve merry princesses who wanted to marry. As much as their father wanted the same thing, he didn’t know that many princes to marry them off to! To which the eldest daughter answered that they didn’t have to marry noblemen; marrying good men who will take care of them is enough!

One day, the King was informed that every morning his twelve daughters’ shoes were all muddied, despite never leaving their rooms! He assigned different people to guard his daughters every night, but every morning yielded the same result! One day, a commoner decided to try his luck, successfully discovered their secret with the aid of a kind old lady and achieved a dream come true.

Labindalawang Prinsesa

I’m not a fan of Princess stories, but I liked the rebellious spirit in the hearts of these princesses. And also, this is one of those stories I grew up with, one of Lola Basyang’s.

Labindalawang Prinsesa

Lola Basyang is Tagalog for Grandmother Basyang, Severino Reyes’ chosen pseudonym. I had always associated the Lola Basyang stories with a grandmother sharing her stories while she gently rocked in her rocking chair… until I had learned in class that “Lola Basyang” was actually a man!

Labindalawang Prinsesa Lola Basyang

Lola Basyang had many more stories, all rewritten and retold into children’s books by Christine S. Bellen as part of her MA Thesis. Abi Goy helped bring this children’s book to life with her wonderful illustrations, including the cute bookmark at the end of the book!

Book Details:
As retold by: Christine S. Bellen
Illustrator: Abi Goy
Publisher: Anvil Publishing Inc.
Language: Tagalog & English

Labindalawang Prinsesa Lola Basyang

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